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Sri Dharma Mittra

Life of a Yogi


Sri Dharma Mittra has dedicated most of his life in service to humanity teaching yoga, the ancient knowledge of how to attain radiant health and develop spiritually.

Since 1967, he has been teaching Classical Yoga: advanced postures, Yama and Niyama and how to lead a content, simple and happy life.

Sri Dharma was born in 1939 in the small, remote village of Pirapora, Brazil and was raised Catholic in a poor family of 5 children. In his early teens, he became involved in esoteric teachings and yoga through books his younger brother was studying.


From 1958 through 1964, Sri Dharma served in the Brazilian National Air Force and practiced bodybuilding, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


In 1962, he he took top honors in a national bodybuilding contest, achieved second place in power lifting and was awarded the title “Mister Minas Gerais” (the state in Brazil he is from).


Sri Dharma had only practiced yoga through books in his late teens when his younger brother Sattya went to New York City to meet and commence studies with their future Guru (teacher; spiritual preceptor).

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After meeting his Guru, Sri Dharma immersed himself in intense study and practice of the classical Eight Limbs of Yoga and dedicated nine years of his life to the full-time practice of Karma Yoga. 

In 1967, Sri Dharma was asked to teach intermediate and advanced classes in Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breathing exercises) at the Yogi Gupta New York Center both for his fellow disciples and the general public.

With Yogi Gupta’s blessings, Sri Dharma left the Ashram in 1974 to found the Yoga Asana Center in 1975, currently known as the Dharma Yoga New York Center.

Sri Dharma left the Ashram to live his destiny — a life dedicated to sharing and spreading the truth, knowledge and light of God through yoga in the most humble and quiet of ways.


Over the years, the Yoga Asana Center that is now known as the Dharma Yoga New York Center was located at many locations throughout Manhattan.

For many years, Sri Dharma was the only yoga teacher in New York City teaching advanced yoga postures.


Teachers from other schools and Ashrams have always come to him to learn, practice, and then teach elsewhere. Sri Dharma is truly a sweet, gentle master who sets the greatest example of yoga by living what he teaches and asking nothing in return. He continues to be that same selfless, shining example today.

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