studio re-opening

Hey Yogis, 

we are happy to announce the opening of our studios after the long time of closing. We hope you all are in good health and ready to come to practice with us again. 

Due to Corona restrictions, we have to keep a distance of 1,5 m between the students in the Studio classes. Please be aware that at the moment you have to book your spot in the class.

All classes have to be booked and reserved online through Eversports.

As we work with the Eversport Administration, you have to register and create a profile.

You will have to leave your contact data, when you take a studio-class. Make sure everything is saved in your Eversports account.


If you want to book a class at Dharma Yoga, please use the class schedule on our website to book your first class and create a profile on Eversports:


 CLICK HERE FOR SHIVAS CAVE                                        CLICK HERE FOR HANUMANS LOFT


All old cards are valid for Studio and Online classes:
 send us an email to

After your Eversports account has been created you can download the Eversports app to easily manage your bookings

The financial situation is quite challenging for us. In order to keep it sustainable for the studios and the teachers, all studios will have the same prices. This means all cards are valid in both studios. 

We will keep on streaming most of the classes online from the studios. 

If you are a member of Urban Sports Club the classes are available again on the USC App, please reserve your spot in advance. If there are any issues with your booking through USC please contact the USC Customer Service. 

Bring your own Yoga Mat

(There will be Mats available for Sale in the Studios soon)


Stay home when you feel sick!

Wash your hands!

Wear a mask until you are on your mat! 

Keep the physical distance!

Desinfection will be provided in the studios.

Online Classes 


For our daily online classes please follow the instruction, so you can practice with us from home!


Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to receive updates. 



- Book every class via the Eversports App, on or via our online schedule

- Download Zoom on your laptop or phone

- Find the link under "Bookings" in Eversports 15 mins before class

- When you’ve entered the Zoom livestream: make sure to mute your microphone, but feel free to keep your video on to share your practice.

Urban Sports Club Members please check in through your App.

The Link to Zoom Livestrem will be sent through Fitogram.

30 days unlimited membership

all online classes

59 €


Hanumans Loft

Heinrich-Heine-Platz 10

Berlin Mitte/Xberg

Shivas Cave

Kienitzer str.98 

Berlin Neukölln


DROP IN 60         13€     5er   KARTE          70€

DROP IN 90         15€      10er KARTE        130€

30 DAYS UNLIMITED + ONLINE               90€

ONLINE DROP-IN                                          10€

ONLINE 30 DAYS UNLIMITED                   59€

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